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MSBC is a Washington DC based non-profit organization committed to supporting and promoting the health and social welfare and livelihood of the poor and vulnerable in Liberia.


MSBC focuses on urgent critical needs as well as long term solutions for our targeted communities.

Our programs rest on four premises. First, that the long-term success of our community or nation depends on our ability to harness the potential of all our people. Second, that the realization of the potential of Liberian’s is a pre-requisite for development and peace in Liberia. Third, that in addition to general challenges our communities face, women, men and children are
disproportionately affected by socio-economic challenges and require extra focus and support to overcome them. Finally, that the skills, knowledge and opportunities that poor Liberian’s need to get out abject poverty can be provided through collective efforts by those of us privileged to be in better conditions and that we all can make a difference.

Based on this, MSBC will work in partnership with other organizations , Liberians and other stakeholders to implement its strategies.


This program is designed to pursue long term strategies to support communities and families currently facing starvation and malnutrition to develop the capacity and ability to adequately feed themselves in a sustainable way. This is to enhance agricultural productivity of rural women and men and maximize the economic benefits of their labor, as well as help rural communities address problems that hamper their agricultural productivity. Through this initiative, we will seek to promote Liberian's access to land, enhance their agricultural activities, help add value to their agricultural produce as well as protect their welfare in the face of natural resource-related large-scale projects or conflicts. We shall explore collaboration with relevant partners to support rural agricultural projects; innovative modules that enhance rural Liberian's agricultural development; food sovereignty and local knowledge.


The program is designed to identify and support young talent. Young people with the talent and desire to develop them will be supported with resources, skills training and networking opportunities to realize their talents.


This program is designed to create and support economic opportunities for people in poor communities in Liberia to rise from poverty by enabling them to build micro businesses, increase their income, reduce their vulnerability, and to become economic agents of change in their families and communities. The program seeks to promote economic independence of by equipping them with the requisite financial resources, knowledge, skills and psycho-social support for the effective and efficient management of their businesses and finances.


This program creates a solidarity network that allows Liberian women in the Diaspora and friends of Liberia to directly reach out and help women’s projects and efforts. Additionally, in kind nutritional, personal and educational items will the sourced from the Liberian community abroad and supplied to families back home.



These are designated stations in various communities equipped with Blood Pressure Monitors, Thermometers, Blood glucose monitors that can be used by locals to check their vitals.


This program provides a diverse range of opportunities, training and support to women and young Liberians. For example, to provide critical technology skills to community leaders who need it to help them learn about computers and information technology to help them acquire knowledge, share ideas, identify career opportunities, gain support for community initiatives, and collaborate with each other. Another service MSBC plans to provide is a media spot light, to bring broader coverage of women’s issue and accomplishments that leverage opportunities for their advancement. MSBC also provides on-going career and professional advisory services to young people. Outcomes include enabling the targeted communities to utilize tools and technologies that help them achieve their goals as well as access needed resources 

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