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MSBC is a Washington DC based non-profit organization committed to supporting and promoting the health and social welfare and livelihood of the poor and vulnerable in Liberia.


In spite of the increasing promise and potential in Liberia today, our communities still face some formidable challenges in our efforts to improve standards of living for all. Most Liberian’s are often on the receiving end of these overwhelming social issues - post conflicts challenges, inadequate health and human services, HIV/AIDS, poverty, discrimination, economic instability and unequal access to emerging post-war socio-economic opportunities. Like many parts of the world, Liberian’s live in conditions of deprivation and attack against their fundamental human rights. Additionally, these problems are compounded by entrenched traditional and cultural structures and practices that limit the ability of many African to realize their full potential.

Liberia and its neighbors remain some the world’s poorest countries with critical health, educational, social and political challenges. Many have been left out of the benefits of the country’s abundant natural resources of iron ore, timber, diamonds, gold, and hydropower. MSBC grew out of direct living experiences and analysis of these challenges and the determination of the founders to help Liberian’s overcome these challenges. 

Mobirise Mobirise

MSBC focuses on urgent critical needs as well as long term solutions for our targeted communities. Based on this, MSBC will work in partnership with other organizations, Liberians and other
stakeholders to implement its strategies. 

MSBC has a team of highly qualified professional responsible for the day to day management of the organization and effective implementation of our strategies. This includes an Directors, Country Managers and program Officers.

We are convinced that our investment in women, men and children will provide double dividends to make the world a better place. Strategies that seek to improve the lives of Liberian’s go to the core of families and communities. 

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